Together We Can Make A Difference

The autism journey is not for the faint hearted and definately one many would not choose without having greater understanding, but this is not the case for all of us, as this path was chosen for us.

It’s a path that has given us a tour guide that will take us places we have never been and often places we never intended to go either, but at the end of the day our love for this child as their Mother, Father or Primary Carer will still be as great as any of our children.

I know each and every one of you have come here from diverse backgrounds whether it be separated families, abusive relationships, traumatic upbringing, a partner that’s in denial, a sole parent, blended families, a happy marriage we all come together as parents with a common interest, which is being in need of support and guidance as we Fear of our child/rens future.

We fear failure in everything we do as we can’t take any more bad news. We fear the change that is needed to achieve what we need to. We fear what others may say about the decisions we make and our childs behaviours. We fear making the wrong choices and ultimately we Fear success as this is something we are no longer used to. No matter what your situation may be or where you are located I want you to know that the situation can be changed globally.

Together we can make a difference, alone we struggle…

For this change to occur we must start with understanding where this Fear is coming from which we may not know as it is different for everyone… It may be from your own past experiences, it may be the expectations that have been instilled in you as you grew up, it may be the unknown, it may be that your dreams for your child/ren have been shattered and you are not sure how to work with this… Whatever the reason may be like everyone Fear will consume you and the decisions you make until you seek ways to move beyond this which is what I realised I had to do…

I have been on a self-development journey for some time now and throughout the process I have become to realise that Fear will consume you in more ways than we realise… It changes the way you present as you create a barrier of protection between you and the outside world so you can feel like you still have some control over your life only the ego tends to interupt this plan and the intuition is turfed to the side, leaving us locked in a world where we can only see negativity, pessimistic views and the obstacles that great us daily.  We become imprisoned in our own lives, unable to make progress or take action ultimately inhibiting the change that needs to take place for us to move forward…

With this our judgement then becomes impaired, as we are clouded by our own thoughts and limits which create blocks in a world filled with opportunities that we cannot see, as it is us that needs to make the change for the doors to open so we can turn the obstacles in our life into opportunities….