This Is Us

It has been a while since I have shared a post as I have been taking some time to reflect, go within and focus on my own family, which as we all know can be very demanding at different stages of their journey and with three children this varies for us often… With this in mind today I would like to share some inspiration from the heart that is raw and real for us as a family.

Throughout our Autism journey I have noticed every family will make choices to meet their individual needs and today I am sharing something that many do not know, very few have seen, while many of you will resonate with the words that you read…


Imagine being blessed with a beautiful boy
after having a daughter that was perfect in so many ways.
This is Us….

Imagine realising as time went on, this beautiful boy
was developing differently to most resulting in an Autism Diagnosis.
This is Us…

Imagine trying to access services to assist your child,
only for it to be like you were asking for a fruit that was out of season,
with no one knowing when it would be available.
This is Us…

Imagine feeling the isolation as the world around you began to crumble,
friendships changed, sleep was a fallacy – it was just a bonus if you got some
and your son was in continuous meltdown.
This is Us…

Imagine this boy still only being three and you wondering
what an earth lies ahead as every day is consumed by all that he does
from the moment he wakes – 2/3am to when he finally stopped at 10/11pm some nights.
This is Us…

Imagine this boy, who the more you try to help fit in, the more he stands out.
The frustration of not being able to communicate
being the greatest trigger each day of his journey.
This is Us…

Imagine doing the best you can to help him learn,
but he has limits like you as a parent does and
there is often consecutive days when nothing is achieved.
This is Us…

Imagine this boy that is growing, becoming more determined and getting stronger,
along with having more meltdowns which impacts on everyone that is around him.
This is Us…

Imagine moving beyond all the judgement and criticism…
to accept your situation and doing what you can to provide
the best you can with limited resources and funding.
This is Us…

Imagine having locks on internal and external doors to ensure this boy
did not get into bedrooms, cupboards or escape while you were in the toilet,
hanging washing out or busy with your other children.
This is Us…

Imagine a husband and father who works hard and long hours,
is sleep deprived and fears the safety of his wife
and other children when his son has meltdowns.
This is Us…

Imagine being a mother of a boy that you are trying to understand each day
and having to implement strategies you never imagined you would
to keep yourself and your other children safe.
This is Us…

Imagine crying yourself to sleep at the end of the day
with so many questions on your mind, being glad the day was over
and hoping tomorrow did not come any quicker than it had to.
This is Us…

Imagine your children seeing their brother hit you out of frustration
knowing its not good, but understanding this was not truly who he is
and having to do things most siblings would never experience.
This is Us…

Imagine a boy that reached 6ft at 12 years, which made him the
tallest in the house and very strong in meltdown mode,
leaving you with little defence mechanisms if you could not calm him.
This is Us…

Imagine a boy that brought so many challenges to your world,
was so aware of his surrounds, is a great problem solver and could do things
that you least expected some days and also brought an abundance of joy.
This is Us…

Imagine a boy that has shown you that obstacles can be turned into opportunities
as you all learn, grow and discover the value in taking your childs path
into your own hands as you had no other choice.
This is Us…

Imagine having a bond between siblings that is something you need to see
to believe and you know many would only dream of.
A bond that can only come from pure love for their brother.
This is Us…

Imagine looking back to see how far you have come,
knowing that the steps you implemented, the choices you made and the path
you chose has provided the best for everyone based on situations at any given time.
This is Us…

Imagine taking all this away how different life would be.
All the gains you have made, the things you have learnt and more importantly
this boy would not be who he is to us, a boy that is growing to become a very
handsome young man, which is leaving imprints on many peoples hearts each day.
This is Us…


This is only a snippet of the wounds and scars that we carry and each piece has made us who we are today. It’s a reminder in a world filled with judgement and criticism that we can change our ways and the choices we make are ours to own. It does not matter what others think or believe but rather what you feel is in the best interest of your family at any given moment that is most important. As we gain more knowledge and experience the choices we make may change and vary and that is okay too.

Sharing this is a reminder that no one truly knows what any families world is like each day unless you are given a true insight of their journey.  For some it is hard to fathom, for others they embrace each day has it comes as our coping mechanisms are all different.  For us we would not change our boy as he is all this and more to us…


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