Media Moments


Well I am excited to share some really exciting information with you today.

This month I have had the honour of having two blogs published with other websites as well as being interviewed on NSV Online Radio… It is an honour to have been able to share my experiences with other people and to know that what I am doing is spreading far and wide in many areas of the globe.

With a vision to transform 1 million lives globally by building communities which change the way people view and perceive Autism. For people to see that we all can embrace the acceptance and inclusion of all children and adults living life on the spectrum is crucial as all these people are unique as our fingerprint and have so much to offer the world if we are all to look deep within…

These communities are about us all uniting as one as, ‘Together We Can Make A Difference’ to reduce the isolation that families may be feeling or have encountered on this journey. In doing this we will open the doors for greater acceptance allowing parents to see the obstacles that are presented each day can be turned into amazing opportunities, as the solutions they seek, can be found by looking within, rather than looking out…

By sharing my experiences in blogs, interviews and other avenues will continue to open the doors for all families on this journey as well as it being a privilege to be given the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with others globally…

This Woman Can

Mr Kipp and Little Jimmy Eco Toy Hire and Sales

NSV Radio Online

Enjoy reading the articles and listening to the radio interview which I have shared the links to above and then I invite you to provide feedback in the comments below. If you have connections that you would like me to talk to then I would love to contact with you via our amazing Facebook Community Autism Living Life On The Spectrum.