Living Life On The Spectrum

How did the name and logo come to be ?


Living Life On The Spectrum for me was about encompassing everyone who is a part of our journey, as we are all Living Life On The Spectrum if we are connected through someone with Autism… As parents/carers, children, community members and professionals they all play a role in this journey so to me Living Life On The Spectrum allowed to encompass all of these.


The logo was divine timing to be honest as one day I was searching for an image to use for something I was doing and came across these four puzzle pieces in different colours. I knew this defined exactly what I wanted to reflect in my logo. The four pieces to represent the four key areas – us Parents, our Children, the Community and Professionals from diverse backgrounds.  Each piece of the puzzle represents a different part of the journey which need to come together to nurture these amazing ASD children and adults within our communities.

Red 2

Nurturing begins with the Parents, and I am talking about taking time for you, but also being respected for what is being asked of you.  It’s about giving the Parents the controls back in their life so they can determine what is right for their child and family.  Allowing parents time to process what needs to be done and draw on their own resources if they choose, including their intuition to make choices that allows for the balance that is required to survive this journey on a mental, physical and emotional level.  It’s about respecting the decisions made whether they be right or wrong in the eyes of others to reach the milestones in your time, so you can adjust to what is happening in your life and cope with what is expected. Consequently the colour red is ideal for this role as I believe it’s about gaining our power and strength back as an individual, which many parents lose when they are on this journey…

Blue 2

We then have our children, which without us to nurture them life becomes very interesting. I feel it’s time for our focus to change in how we view these beautiful children which become adults… We need to view what they have to offer from a different perspective rather than spending so much time moulding them into what society believes is meant to be. Let them be unique as their fingerprint.  Let them be heard, even the non-verbal children as they have more to offer than many realise.  Let them be seen and let them be accepted for what they can provide for so many.  By doing this will allow us to learn new things  about the way we live and view our own lives too…  The colour blue was chosen here as this is the colour to represent change something we all need to embrace on this journey.

Yellow 2

The community plays such a huge role in the development of these children. Without acceptance and inclusion our children and families become very isolated as it can be enough to deal with your ASD Child/ren but to have to deal with the public views is not always possible for some… With increased education I feel this can change and yes it will take time, as people need to understand that these children and adults all vary and the way Autism has been portrayed by the media, movies and the medical industry has changed over the years, so our views need to change with this.  In the meantime this is why I chose yellow as this will bring joy and happiness to everyone when we all unite as one.

Green 2

We then have our professionals, which as we all know have a significant role in our children’s lives from very early on in the diagnosis.  There is a myriad of people from all diverse backgrounds that we may see and connect with, which will vary for every family. Ultimately this does not matter, what does matter is the value they provide in assisting us to make choices for our children.  They are their to share their views and beliefs and then we as parents can choose what we do beyond this, which is why I chose green as the professionals provide us with an abundance of knowledge and information to assist us with the decisions we need to make on this journey, which ultimately helps us pave a path for us to follow as a family.

four pieces

Finally by bringing us all together to join  as one we can create increased understanding and greater acceptance of what it’s like from all perspectives of this journey.  We need to be open to all views and perspectives to really understand this journey and to do this we need to bring all four pieces together, because alone we struggle as each piece is an individual identity and together we can join as one to make a difference to everyone ‘Living Life On The Spectrum’.