Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Naomi Amat

I am me, a wife to my gorgeous husband of 17 years and a proud mother of three beautiful children.  Our three children are 14, 13 & 7. Natahlia and Ethyn began High School last year and Izhaak started Primary School. They are all loving school with lots is happening daily.

Behind the scenes of being a busy Mum, and sharing information in my amazing Facebook Community Autism Living Life On The Spectrum, I also spend time nurturing me as I have learnt that this is more valuable than you realise when you begin to understand you and why some things are so on this journey we travelling.

My weekends are now about relaxing and spending time with the family.  Trust me I love having this opportunity, which has been a long time coming, and yes it still takes preparation and planning, but now it is something we have achieved, where previously it was never a possibility.

Along with being a Wife and Mother of three, I would like to also share that first and foremost I am still me, an individual striving for my dreams through my passion for Autism and by creating opportunities for others families...

What people are saying...

Lyn Di Mascio, Facebook Community

Hi Living with someone with autism can be challenging and lonely.As a single mum of three children its been tough but also so rewarding at times. I joined this group not really expecting a lot. Over the years everything seemed to be geared up to high functioning autism. Which Luke bless him certainly isn't Naomi is so inspiring and dedicated. Her page is for everyone and everything that people write is acknowledged. People offer help and advice. Everyone has a life with autism in where ever they are on the scale. My life is chaotic but Naomi has made this feel like an extended family. She offered me some advice on trying to sort my days out so I'm not just chasing round and I'm so stressed and tired that I cant think straight. I cant believe how much of a difference it has made.I know everything will get done I have time for myself.The guilty feelings of not doing everything has gone I feel so much calmer which has a knock on effect .I am so grateful to Naomi and all the help and kindness she has given me. Thankyou so much x

Suzanne Miller, Facebook Community

It was June 23rd and Naomi Amat invited me to join Autism 'Living Life On The Spectrum' and opened a doorway to a wonderful group of people and stories from all over the world. It is a great feeling knowing that if I have any questions, concerns or thoughts regarding autism there is support from wonderful people that live this life with someone they know and love on the the spectrum. I have always said u can't be a mum from reading a text book and u can't know what's it's like to live with autism just from reading and having a PH.D. in it. I have lived with autism all my life and it isn't easy, but having the support from people that understand and walk the same path that u are is comforting. This group that Naomi invited and allowed me to be a part of is an extension of herself, a creation of all the emotions that each and everyone of us have from living, knowing or working with someone on the spectrum. I take my hat off to you Naomi this group gives a respectful caring, honesty that I absolutely love.

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