Halloween – Is It For Everyone ?

Should we ‘Trick or Treat’ ?

With Halloween on the horizon it always brings a lot of talk of whether people should follow an American Tradition. This article is not about whether we should or should not celebrate Halloween it’s about understanding that all people should have a right if they choose to be involved in festivals no matter where you are located globally.  The amazing movement I have created has people from all over the globe and like everywhere some will celebrate this event and some won’t… The difference is for families that have children with autism there is more to the question due to how their children may cope along with community perceptions… So, this year we ask you to be mindful of the information I share when people present at your door…


This year be mindful when a child presents at your door,
as many abilities impact adults and children globally.
Autism is one of these and it is called a Spectrum due to its amazing diversity…

Consider, next time you see an individual
that may not be behaving how ‘you’ think they should,
that this person and family only asks for acceptance in today’s world…

Look at Autism with your heart, as your eyes may miss something…

When you judge based on what you see,
you miss out on their abilities, uniqueness and beauty.

Choose your words wisely, be accepting and most of all be inclusive.

‘Together we can make a difference’
with greater understanding and increased Acceptance in the world of Autism.
Each of these children are unique
and like any child they have a right to participate in community events…

Be Autism Aware Everyday Of the Year, Accept, Include…

Naomi @ Autism Living Life On The Spectrum