From Trauma to Triumph

From Trauma to Triumph…

It was September 28, 2007  when our lives changed in a dramatic way.  A weekend away to attend my cousins wedding was not meant to be, as our son fell from a hotel window.  In a matter of seconds my world changed in ways that are hard to explain. With heartache like you could not believe, knowing what could of happen, even though he only ended up with a minor fracture near his ankle…

The scars it left from within that people could not see, have stayed with me, but with time I began to see this obstacle was an opportunity that no one could have seen. It opened my eyes to see how much of our world had been consumed by our beautiful son since being diagnosed with Autism. It showed me the importance of having a balanced life that incorporated meeting my needs.

We had put life on hold as we did not know what direction we were going. With limited services we were unsure to what was best and what the outcomes may be possible. As for the future that was an unknown. All we knew is that our son had so much potential and was not coping and there had to be more we could do to help him….

Since this life changing moment I noticed over time there were many services available for families to access but there was still one key element missing, support and guidance to directly assist parents from the beginning of this new journey.  Support and guidance which will assist Parents/Carers in having a increased understanding of how this journey can impact them, mentally, physically and emotionally. With this in mind my purpose in life soon became evident as I seeked a quest for change… A change that would result in families being a part of a positive environment where they can gain, guidance support and knowledge to assist them on their journey.

I found many families feel isolated, overwhelmed, are grieving, alone and not understood.  The connections with family, friends and the community change and they often don’t know what is best for themselves, children or family as a whole often leading to isolation within their own communities. I wanted a focus that would provide parents/carers with confidence, clarity, guidance and ways they can increase their inclusion into the community.  I want them to feel they still have an identity in every day life and are respected as a parent and individual who has a voice and options beginning with nurturing themselves which will then flow onto their family, providing better opportunities and inclusive communities.

This much needed service would not only provide support, guidance and network opportunities, it will allow for greater understanding and acceptance of how we can create increased inclusion for these children.  As Parents and/or Carers are at the core of the journey with these children on the Spectrum they need nurturing too.  Without this we are missing the opportunity to create greater inclusion and acceptance.  With a balanced approach where the primary carer/parent is nurtured we allow them to meet the needs of their children, through building better relationships within our community and with professionals, leading to increased acceptance of how living life on the spectrum impacts families as a whole.

This year is 10 years since this life changing moment occurred and since then I have been on a self-development journey that has provided me with skills, knowledge and tools to maintaining my personal wellbeing while providing for my family… I have developed and manage this phenomenal Facebook Community Autism Living Life On The Spectrum which consists of over 12,000 members providing a place for Parents, Professionals, Family/Community Members to add and gain value daily, along with meeting the needs to bridge the gap in services that are missing with being a Specialist Wellbeing Coach for families living with Autism…

 Together we can ‘Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities’ – Naomi Amat