Embracing What Is…

There is many situations which impact our worlds each day and as much as
we want things to change if we or other people are not willing to it wont happen…

We can only control how we react or respond to what others say or do in hope that one day you may share the same view. Til then be kind to you and move on if you need to. Waiting for something that may never happen is only going to destroy you from within. You can only do your best and let the universe take care of the rest. We are just one person and it us that has to find peace and happiness in the world we live in. What we seek is an ideal that may never become a reality. All you can do is live in hope that people will one day see you for who you really are scars and all not a person they would like you to be.

It’s that time of year where emotions are high
and the reality of life kicks in for so many.

This reality may be different for us all as we come from different journeys and experiences. This means as much as some things we would like have the harsh reality is it may never happen. The world is a different place for us all to live in with so much sadness and grief being carried by everyone. Sadness and grief that comes from experiences in our life that we have struggled to let go off as there is unanswered questions to why it is so. One day these questions may be answered. One day you may reach a place that it no longer matters but here in this moment they are impacting your experiences at a time that many say should be the happiest time of year.

For many this is not the case and may never be.

What you would like and what is going to be may be two very different situations that you need to accept and that is never easy when all you want is to have connections with people that mean so much. With so many relationships drifting apart many people are alone and isolated at this time of year. It may not be what you want but it once again is the reality. Unfortunately you may not be able to change this and its a hard lesson to digest but what you can do is start to build new memories with those that are close by knowing these people may be the ones that value you more than others ever will.

These memories you can begin building
at any given moment of the day, starting now.

We can’t change people but we can change the way we deal with events in our life to protect ourselves from the continual hurt that comes with not progressing with your efforts to build better relationships with others… Make this festive season one to enjoy by doing what adds the most value to your journey. Be you and do what makes your heart sing rather than trying to please everyone else. Life is about making memories that out way the darkness we may encounter so we can become the best version of ourselves by sharing the love we have with those who appreciate it most…

May this Festive Season be filled with the most amazing memories,
for you and your connections wherever you may be around the world…