Do you want to Embrace Change ?

Is it when put on different clothes ?
Is it when the weather turns from sunshine to rain ?

Actually the change I am referring to is none of these. The change I wish to discuss today is our about our views, perceptions and ways as when we change these the world can look very different but there is one crucial element that needs to considered when we embrace change.

Why are we or are we not embracing the change that we desire ?

 If you are the kind of person that does not like change, you need to ask yourself, why ? What is it that is stopping you ? Is it the Fear of Failure, having to step out of our comfort zone, Fear of Judgement, not knowing expectations or maybe it’s self-sabotage. Is this sounding familiar ? I’m sure it is as we’ve all been there and no doubt many of you still resonate with some of this…

The question is how do we change this ?

There is many factors to consider and I will share some with you today.  When we want to change something we need to embrace it with ease and grace. Seeing change as an obstacle, it will be, where if you see it as an opportunity you will be amazed at what you will gain from your journey.

Fill your day with Love, as this will counteract the Fear you feel is consuming you and your heart. Imagine a pink ray surrounding you from the outside to deep within. You then need to manifest success by taking baby steps. Stop trying to eat the whole french stick but rather eat bite size pieces that you can digest. By doing this in changes you wish to make you will be heading on along the path that leads to success.

What perceptions do you have that you need to let go of ?

As for the Judgement you feel is this what you think or believe others see or say, as often this is the case. If it is reality don’t allow the words of others to control your feelings, instead honour you for the amazing job that you do. You know the value you bring to your childs life, your family and the world and now it’s time to honour you…

Now you may be wondering what the purpose of this article may be, well that is the interesting part. Have you ever thought if this is what change is like for you then imagine what it is like for our ASD Children. Imagine what it would be like to process all this, so why is it that we can ask our children to change but we will not lead the way to be a role model for them to follow.

Have I got you thinking ?
Are you wondering how you can embrace change to assist your child further ?

Problem solved as I have an answer for you right here.

Do you want to embrace change, to overcome obstacles that are holding you back or maybe you would like to enjoy living life again… I get it, as a proud mother of a child on the autism spectrum and a Specialist Wellbeing Coach this is just a snippet of the many obstacles experienced… To assist you with this, for October I’ve set myself the goal to help 10 new Families on their journey, by offering 2 FREE  Coaching Conversations to the next 5 Parents to message me with a “YES”. Are ready ?

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