Corona Virus Isolation

It’s has been some time since I shared a post with everyone. With preparing our young man to end school this year life has been rather hectic than usual in these last three months. Where holidays would have been a time to rest and unwind it’s been a time of action taking and planning. From looking at how our son’s weekly schedule may look to implementing activities and services to assist us through to be prepared for life after High School.

It has brought great rewards and obstacles too, leaving me with the job of having to adjust things accordingly. Something that is not always easy and now with the #Covid19 it has presented issues for everyone globally. What I find interesting is how reactive people are rather than proactive to ensure they are prepared in many ways. This situation is not going to change overnight and before long you will see it impacting peoples mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As we watch the situation heighten in countries and the fear of the unknown rise, with the idea of isolation stressing so many. What is interesting is that social isolation is something we have dealt with for many years along with many others on the autism journey, I’m sure. Our situation has meant the things that many families may be part of we are not as our son would not cope. It is a choice that has come with disappointment and sadness on many occasions but it is the life we live.

It’s not something that many families want but there is times that you have no other options so it’s a choice that is made to reduce the stress on the whole family. Over the years I have worked on this but their is still times where even with a lot of planning it is easier to sacrifice the opportunity than dealing with the fall out from our young man being unable to cope with the surroundings or situation he will be in. For many this kind of isolation is something they have not been exposed to until now…

It is something that many do not see and take for granted. While people thought they had no freedom, they are now seeing what control looks like on a massive scale and have become overwhelmed by all that is being shared and the reactions of the collective. What needs to happen is people need to step back and look at the bigger picture, be aware that many are already dealing with isolation issues which is only going to make the situation for them worse, while others are going to struggle as it’s something they have not been through before.

This journey is not going to be an easy one and is going to take us as individuals to be open to different perspectives, different ways of doing things and more importantly nurturing you, especially for the parents and/or carers of children with extra needs. When you are vulnerable this opens your children to being vulnerable which is why I have started a few things to not only assist our son, but to also assist us as a whole family, which includes taking magnesium to reduce the stress and immune defence to boost our immunity ahead of time.

With this for those that know me I love my Bush Flower Essences so we have the Space Clearing to remove the negative energy that surrounds us each day, Electro to keep us in rhythm with the earth, Purify to release the baggage that no longer serves us. On a personal level I have invested in the Dynamis to assist with my energy levels and the extra demands with having our young man home as well as Meditation to protect my aura and personal space. With this we have increased the essences we use with our son to assist with his coping.

Times are changing and the world is going to be a different place for a while and we need to prepare ourselves for what is here and what may be ahead to ensure that we do not become a victim of the isolation that is evolving with this virus being a pandemic throughout the globe. It’s time to turn this obstacle into an opportunity to add value to all our lives, as the longer you resist the change the more you will sabotage your life and sacrifice the freedom you do have at this point in time…