Celebrating Father’s Day

With Father’s Day not too far away I wanted to take this opportunity to share
a Father’s view
on having a child with Autism…

When we take a look at the world from where we are sitting we often forget that our views vary especially when it comes to Autism… Our thoughts, feelings and actions are based on so many variables due to our upbringing, past experiences, information received, our family situation and outside influences… We take all this and then we develop our own views and perceptions, and only when we encounter a situation is this ever challenged.  The issue with this is that society does not always consider what it’s really like for others.  They don’t see how it impacts every individual and the journey of others as well, which is why today I am honoured to share with you a couple of stories from Fathers that are part of our amazing Facebook Community Autism Living Life On The Spectrum.

Being a Father figure in any childs life is such an honour, but to be a father figure to a child with Autism has a very different perspective as your approach changes when connecting with these children and the way men deal with the diagnosis of their son or daughter also varies to each other, but what does not change is the desire to celebrate Fathers Day like anyone else. They still want to take their children out on adventures, they still want to have fun and play, they still want to share the love they have for their children each day. So, if you are reading this and not a parent of a child with Autism we ask that this Fathers Day when you see a child or individual that may not be behaving how ‘you’ think they should, that this person and their family only ask for acceptance in today’s world… Their Father just wants to have what many take for granted as they do not realise what may be involved in being able to celebrate this day as a family…

When you judge based on what you see, you will miss out on their  abilities, uniqueness and beauty.
Choose your words wisely, be accepting and most of all be inclusive.

Today in honour of all the amazing Fathers, Dads, Stepfathers, Grandfathers and Surrogate Dads I would love you to take time to read these amazing stories that have been shared about ‘A Father’s View On Autism’ and then I would love you to leave a comment below in honour of all Dads who embrace this journey of ‘Living Life On The Spectrum’ with a child who has Autism.

Simply click on the image below to read the stories shared…

Fathers Day Autism