Autism Acceptance 2017

Be Autism Aware – Accept – Include

As we approach Autism Awareness Day and Month I want to share another perspective for you to consider, as awareness for me is only a part of what needs to happen for views to change globally. In life we can be aware of so many things that does not mean our knowledge is great on that topic or that we have an understanding of how a condition or diagnosis can impact people differently. Having an awareness of Autism is only a small part of what really needs to be achieved, as what we need is acceptance of all people ‘Living Life On The Spectrum’. This includes Adults, Teenagers, Children, all genders, all cultures and their families. These people need to be accepted for who they are as individuals in a world that is changing.

Autism Different

Yes, acceptance will look different to each and every one of us, but I feel if all communities included these people as the unique individuals they are, we would begin to see the value that can be gained for everyone. These people come with a unique way of seeing the world that we can learn from. They have knowledge and insight that is often missed due to people not being open to seeing the potential that exists within each one of them. They have the ability to teach us, to view the world from a very different perspective. These children, teenagers and adults can show us that there is more to life than how we see it from the outside, but until we accept and include these people for who they are we are only sabotaging the growth of all individuals…

So, what could acceptance look like ?

I will share with you a short view of what I feel may give you some insight… Being aware is knowing someone is black or white. Accepting is knowing they are caucasian or Indigenous. Including people in society for who they are rather than what they look like is very different and for this to happen we need to continue to educate everyone.

Freedom - Education

Yes you read that correctly to gain acceptance we need to continue to educate everyone who you may feel is watching. Walking away from a situation feeling judged, criticised or a failure is not going to change anything.  We need to embrace the opportunity that has been given to us and share what we know as the more people who talk about their situation while out in public the more people will see this is typical for so many…

With Autism Awareness Day and Month on its way I would like to see our views change. Lets create Autism Acceptance Month and educate everyone to then continue, as its not something that should be done for a day or month Acceptance should happen every day of the year… Lets be teachable in all aspects of our lives and listen to many views from those who are living it, not just hearsay, the media or movies views as those who have lived with this will share the greatest value to inspire…

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