AusMumpreneur Awards Finalist & Media Moments

Today I am excited to share some news,
 that some of you may have seen
and some may no be aware of, so here goes…


The concept of Living Life On The Spectrum evolved a while ago as I felt that as we have travelled this journey with our son I knew there were many others that were the same as us too. A journey that focused on our children, rather than us as an individual, parent, wife or partner. It changed the way we were seen and how we felt too. We no longer had time for us as we were led to believe that life would stop if we did not do all that was expected by society for our children. An expectation that did fit all families ways, coping mechanisms or needs at different times of their journey. After all our child/ren are only one part of the family and for our families to function there is many aspects that need to be considered for each person that plays a role in each household.

For me I felt that we had become lost in all that we needed to do and there was no one guiding us to move forward in a way that had a whole family approach while respecting the individual needs of a parent who wanted the best for her children. You feel alone and lost with no direction and often no support when it’s a shit day and you just want to run away, even though you know it won’t change anything. I could see there was a need for parents to be able to connect in a way that provided support, guidance, opportunities, as well as a positive environment which provided hope of what may unfold in the future. Developing this community was something that I felt was ne

eded for so many and I was determined to ensure it was going to give back to those within our community…

What I did not imagine is how well received it would be, the growth that would happen, not just locally but throughout Australia and Globally. Yes, it seems the gap I identified as an issue locally is actually impacting lives globally in similar ways. The well-being, self-care and nurturing of parents has been lost in people wanting to ensure these children become well rounded adults, which poses an issue if the parents can no longer provide as they have burnt out in doing what they were led to believe was in the best interest of their child. Something that concerned me from very early on with our son, as I am his rock and if my well-being is compromised then what next. All the great ideas that professionals recommend go out the door very quickly ’til you can pick up the pieces again…

In doing all that I do which involves sharing a lot of amazing free value each day in our awesome #LLOTS Community as I move through this start up phase of my business so that I can provide more for people in many different ways I am excited to what awaits us as we head into the final couple of weeks to find out which awards we will receive for #Ausmumpreneur 2019. Awards that I feel are not just about me and this community that I have developed but rather about each parent who is on this journey gaining the respect they deserve for all that they do for their children and family which is why I would love to share this article that was published this week to highlight us being nominees in these awesome awards 🙂

An Unexpected Journey For Eaton Mother