A Year From Now


Here we are with another year coming to an end which means it’s a great time for reflection…

A time to look at what we have achieved and why we may not have achieved everything we set out to do..

By reviewing both of these we can see what drives us to succeed and what hinders our progress…

It’s a time to consider do we really want to be sitting in the same place we are, a year from now ?


Imagine this:

You wake up a year from now, doing the same things as you are today.  You are stilled married to your Fear, Frustration, Anger, Unworthiness, Sadness, Stress, Guilt, Resentment or maybe its Control, Failure, Judgement, Criticism and Depression.  These emotions continue to dictate your agenda each day no matter how hard you try…  You realise you are still living a life that is poisoning your inner-self and if you don’t change your ways you may remain stuck in this world forever …


Now I ask you this:

Would you like to go on a journey of self-discovery?

Maybe to a place you’ve never been.  A place that is filled with an abundance of information on how to manifest healthy emotions, so you can bring more Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Honour, Happiness, Relaxation and more into your life…  A place where you can discover your full potential and purpose.  A place that will show you how turn obstacles into opportunities.  A place that will show you how to blossom and grow into a beautiful rose and a year from now all those emotions you were married to will have greater value not only to you but your family too.