The Many Faces Of Autism

#Autism #Acceptance and #Inclusion 2017

Acceptance looks different to each and every one of us, but imagine if all communities accepted everyone for the unique individuals they are. In doing this we would begin to see the value that can be gained from accepting all people ‘Living Life On The Spectrum’.

These people come with a unique way of seeing the world that we can learn from. They have knowledge and insight that is often missed due to people not being open to seeing the potential that exists within each one of them. They have the ability to teach us, to view the world from a very different perspective.

These children, teenagers and adults can show us that there is more to life than how we see it from the outside, but until we accept and include these people for who they are we are only sabotaging the growth of all individuals…

Be Autism #Aware #Accept and #Include Everyday of the Year

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