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I'm in love with this group! I went years without friends, years of being judged by other mums. Feeling like the outcasts. I put up a post on here and now I have made some mum friends who I can talk to often and they actually understand. I can't believe how one small thing can change those negatives so quickly...

Megan Stallan-Vizer

Naomi, I could rave about you and your group for ages!! In the past I have been a part of other ASD “support” groups that were anything but supportive, so finding Naomi’s group has been like a safe haven, where I can share, ask for advice and offer advice without fear or judgement. I feel so supported here and have received really positive and helpful advice from Naomi and others within the group. I have also had a one on one session with Naomi, which was such an amazing experience, I cannot thank her enough! Her suggestions have been incredibly helpful – for both my son and myself, during some extremely challenging times. Thank you so much Naomi for creating such a positive, supportive place, where everyone who deals with ASD in any capacity is welcome!

Rachel Eade

Through her facebook group Naomi has been a fantastic source of strength and support to myself and many other ASD parents. From practical advice to providing almost daily affirmations, her continuous encouragement and positive energy makes this sometimes difficult journey, a little bit less overwhelming. I am truly grateful.


Hannah Tripolone

I am a student of speech pathology and working with the autism community is something I would like to be involved with in the future. Being part of this group has allowed me to understand and learn about the diversity of autism and be able to understand a parents experience especially dealing with an array of health care professionals. The personal stories highlight the importance and need for more autism education and awareness so that each individual can have equal opportunities in society and is something that I hope to integrate in my future practice.

Hien Pham

My name is Leah McGuinness I am mother to 4 amazing children of whom my 3rd child, Harry, is an Aspie. I recently moved interstate with my family...leaving my eldest two behind to continue their university studies........it broke my heart to leave them behind but my partner and I had decided this move would greatly benefit my youngest 2 children. My Aspie had already been suspended from school for 8 months due to violent meltdowns and I was having a terrible time. So we moved.....I was isolated, longing for my eldest two children, and trying to stay positive for the sake of Harry. I was so unsure if we had made the right decision....and trying to help Harry to assimilate and cope with all the change. It took a month after the move for Harry to be placed in a school during which time I was so full of doubt, anger, and hurt towards the school system and trying to deal with having to relive Harry's whole life so that he could be assessed again and placed in a school.

Having a bad day, well month!, I decided I needed to talk to someone, to reach out.......so I joined Naomi's support group...Living life on the spectrum.

I cried reading some of the stories....I had lived through some of the stories people had shared........but I no longer felt alone. I laughed reading some of the stories.....but I was no longer alone. I got angry at the total injustice that is against our autistic children......but I was no longer alone.. .........and I learned that while my journey is difficult, tiring, and wholly in my hands....I was not alone.

Having a support system for your children is great......but having someone who can support you is uplifting and necessary.

I joined Naomi's group unsure of what I would find......but I found a home..... A group of people whose lives, like mine, are difficult.....people who like me are just trying to give the best quality of life to our children.

I have gained a network of people who live the life I live......fight the battles I fight......and see the things I see.

I am truly thankful for this group.......in a dark hour there was a little ray of light......a little piece of hope....and a great lot of people who were supportive and non judgemental......living the life I live.

I would recommend anyone living our autism journey to join this support network.....our lives are hard and isolating ........give yourself the kindness of the support of this group and know you are not alone.

Leah McGuinness...............just a mum..........living each day as it comes.


Leah McGuinness