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Today I want to share with you a story I shared in our amazing
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Autism Living Life On The Spectrum.  

As the post was so well received I wanted to ensure everyone got the opportunity to read the information I shared as I know there is so many of you that can resonate with this too…

There was a time where my life was consumed with Worry about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and when our son was older. I allowed it to consume my thoughts and my being. I lost my focus and soon everything became overwhelming in trying to do what I thought was in the best interest of our son…

What I couldn’t see was the spiral I was on, heading into the darkness. I pushed through all that I encountered as I felt there was no other way. All I could see was I had to do what I could to make sure I son made the progress he was meant to… The issue with this was the path we on was detrimental to everyone as it was impacting my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as well as hindering relationships with our son, daughter, husband and beyond…

It took significant events for me to see that my wellbeing was more important than anything and the worry I was experiencing with our son would only change if I was to look at what I could do now to get our son to where we would like him to be… It also meant for this to happen I had to work on my own wellbeing to ensure I was clear about our direction and the steps we needed to take to get where wanted to be…

In time things fell into place and we have reaped the rewards from the seeds we have sown over time. It does not mean all the worry has gone as then I would not be honest with you or myself. The difference is I have learnt to look beyond this to create opportunities for our son so we can see what he is able to achieve in different situations and continued to build on these goals when one is achieved…

Ultimately this boy makes me so proud of what we have achieved on this journey we are on and I would love for each and everyone of you to achieve the same, so if you would like to gain steps into how to reduce the worry that you are experiencing each day I would love for you to connect with me via Facebook Naomi Amat or by sending me a message with the details below.

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