Make 2016 A Year To Remember


Are you the kind of person that makes a plan of action at the beginning of each year and before you know it we are now two months in and nothing has happened. Life has got in the way of good intentions and you are back pedalling fast to achieve what you plan to do,…

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Discovering Happiness


In my post earlier this week I spoke about Grief and how it impacts you.  Today I wish to share with how you can discover the happiness we are all entitled to feel each day… I see many families struggle to find happiness on their journey due to various situations that have impacted their life…

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Understanding The Power of Grief…


Never under estimate the power of grief, as it impacts each one of us differently. I see many people who say they are not sure if they experienced this, some say never and others may admit to it but most deny it… Whether it be grief, loss or sadness it’s all very similar and what many…

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Natural v’s Pharmaceutical


This I know is a very controversial subject for many and one reason why I would love to share my views and to provide everyone with a different perspective… With our children we are always learning and needing to make choices no matter what their specialty may be… It is the way life is and…

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Being mindful on a journey where your head is consumed with thoughts daily is not always easy, which is why I wish to share with you my ‘Five Tips to Mindfulness’.   It is a way of life that can be achieved by all of us if we choose. I am not saying it will…

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Change is a very interesting topic for every one of us.  It’s something we all fear, rather than embracing with ease and grace.  It impacts us in so many ways yet people forget that children with Autism are the same too. When new things happen big or small it impacts them greater than it does…

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Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities


Throughout life everyone encounters obstacles of various kinds.  No matter what your situation may be, you will find that there will be times that life will challenge you.  Some will be simple and easy to resolve, and others will hit you right through to the core…  The difference in all these situations is how each…

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Coping When People Don’t Understand


How do you cope with people who don’t understand ? This is a question I have been asked on may occasions and I am aware it is something we all deal with differently… I will be the first to admit it is not easy trying to explain something we don’t understand, to others that respond…

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Blossom and Grow…


How To Blossom and Grow Like a Magnificent Rose…   I would like to share something I discovered some time ago while admiring my roses… I’m not great at gardening and to be honest I take pride in doing what I do best, growing weeds, as this is the easiest… Maybe not pretty but they…

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What if we have it all wrong ?


What if we are the ones that are meant to learn how to change the way we are living, rather than teaching our ASD children to change to our way of living ? What if it’s all about removing the layers that we have created for protection to reveal the real person we are from…

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