Living Life On The Spectrum

One Day At A Time

Welcome to Living Life On The Spectrum which has evolved from a passion to change millions of lives globally through greater understanding and increased acceptance in the world of Autism. Thank you for joining me on a journey where we can all discover the unique opportunity of being able to LIVE, LOVE and LEARN in a world filled with diverse abilities and opportunities. My journey to where I am today began 10 years ago with our second child Ethyn being diagnosed with Autism. Yes, it changed our world but I knew in time we would overcome the obstacles, to create opportunities. I learnt that in life you need to look outside the box for solutions, as what’s in the box is not always going to have an answer. I found myself assisting many other families on their journey and to this day believe that being empowered with knowledge helps you as a mother, wife and first and foremost as an individual.

As I am passionate about many areas of life and the journey we are on it lead me to be involved in various groups within our community.

  • Establishing the Federal Funded MyTime Program in Local Area
  • Driving force behind the publication of a Directory for Families of Children with a Disability
  • Member of Committees, Reference Groups and Working Party's involving government and non-government organisations and professionals
  • Chaired Committees and Reference Group involving government and non-government organisations and professionals
  • Zonta Woman of the Year in 2009
  • School Council Chair for past 5 years at local Education Support Centre
  • Diploma of Community Services Works
  • Visionary Intuitive Healing Training

I have attended numerous workshops and information sessions, along with self-educating in many areas to increase my knowledge and understanding of how we can assist our children on the Autism Spectrum and feel it's now time to share this information and my experiences with others.  I wish to show Parents and/or Primary Carers, Families, Community Members and Professionals that there is more beyond 'Living Life On The Spectrum'.  By doing this Parents and/or Primary Carers will have the opportunity to see that there is a time when situations will change if you embrace the guidance you are given and learn to follow your intuition.

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