A Special Child

As we travel through this journey we are on,
we discover there is so much more to life than we may have seen previously…

Today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote 10 years ago based on the way I was feeling at that time. A time when life is very different to what it is now. A time when the journey we were on was filled with chaos and I did not know when things would end. A time when things all seemed uphill and it felt like there was going to be no down hill run any time soon… A time when life in some ways was more about survival from one day to the next as our ASD boy demanded so much along with having two other children that needed us as well… A time that I did not see changing as I could not see how this was possible…29 A Special Child v2Now I look back in amaze at how far we have come with all three of our children. To see how they have all flourished from the experiences we have endured and how our special little boy is growing into a very handsome young man. He has taught us so much more about life than I could have imagined. Learning to understand the way he sees the world and providing him with tools to deal with life so that he can cope along has not been easy but it has opened doors for him to learn how to share with us what he knows. He has shown us that there is more to life than what many see on the surface if you look deep within and remain open to great opportunities.

As for the obstacles I could only see all those years ago, I now see they were filled with opportunities. I was just not ready for the doors to open for me to be able to discover what was waiting for me.  This changed not long after I wrote this (and is a story for another day) and more so in these past few years where I have learnt to follow my intuition and spiritual guidance I have been given. Guidance that has provided me with knowledge, tools, strategies, direction and understanding of how situations in life impact so much of what we do… Opportunities that have allowed me to see how I can connect with our son in ways that continues to add value daily to our journey…

The obstacles that we have turned into opportunities in these past 10 years has been amazing from a boy who had continuous meltdowns due to frustration and lack of communication to them being occasional now. We have gone from a boy who did not sleep well to one that can when things are all aligned. I have learnt to read his indicators that tells me he is not coping way before a meltdown is revealed and he has shown us how much potential he has by all the opportunities that I continue to provide. Yes I will confess there is times its been beyond hard and my emotional, mental and physical wellbeing has taken a battering but I have also learnt in all this that nurturing me is crucial in assisting all three of our children to become the best version they can be on this journey.

Now the question is are you ready to connect with your ASD child,
so that you can both move forward on this journey ?

If you resonate with this and are 100% ready to commit to making this happen then message me today, as a Specialist Wellbeing Coach for families living with Autism, for a limited time I am offering two FREE Coaching Conversations to assist 10 Families in achieving great things by completing the form below.

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